Saturday, December 23, 2006

Made it...Finally!

We're here finally in NYC!
It's Sat 7.50am (Mel 11.50pm) and we're getting ready to go out for the whole day to see the Xmas decorations in shops, and eat eat eat! We got in late last nite and grab something quick to eat. We've stocked ourselves with winter woolies but it's not that cold yet. And we should have brought umbrellas as it will be raining for most days. Adding that to the shopping list!
It took us 48hrs to get here due to engine troubles and lay overs to get us on to the next flight that wasn't overbooked.
But we made it!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

ahh it or hate it

32 rows of k2 p2 for a slow knitter is a painful experience!. I glad I can start on the 'body' of the beanie now. Looks like red jello!

Monday, December 18, 2006

More Anemones!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

say it with me.... nen, mem, nemem, Anemone!

sure looks like it! Any guesses?
Need to finish the other side so I can free up my circulars for the cap. Not buying another circ in the same size as I'll be getting the Knit Pick Options needles.. ohh drooool!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The swatch

Nice, firm with the right amount of stretch in it using 3.25mm needles. I wonder if it'll be too firm with 3.00mm needles?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Box of Goodies from Celia!

They're here!
After being on a yarn stash diet, I was hankering for some Optim wool. It's the softest 100% merino I have ever touched/felt and Celia had some at her Etsy shop.

And I did - I think I bought what she had :).
While yarn shopping (can a knitter ever stop at one hank/skein/ball?), I decided to get a ball of alpaca and winder too.
Top row: Small Winder
Second row L to R: lovely stitch markers (Thank you, Celia!), Optim Blue and Optim Pink.
Third RowL to R: 100% Merino RED RED handspun by Celia (look at that RED!), Peachy Alpaca and more Optim Rover.

Now what will I do with all these goodies :p

Queen of Frogging?

yup yup yup ... and here's my crown.
I have started this cuff for the 4th time fiddling here and there.. too many stitches, too few, not tight enough, too tight and so it goes...
any guesses what it might be?

Monday, December 04, 2006

when you need tranquility in a hurry.....

Amidst the Christmas shopping rush, I saw this while queuing at a bookstore. I had to have it. The fruits of my bonsai labour are just taking too long (old bonsai post below).
"Zen..... without the wait!"
Check out

Sunday, November 26, 2006

... and the Countdown begins...

Wow! Just realised that in a few days, it will be December. Where did the year go?
The usual end of year panic has begun... the Christmas cards (where's the list?!), the shopping (gonna keep it real simple this year) and end of school exams plus buying new school books and uniforms for the next year. Gotta be done in the next few weeks as we will only have a week to spare before school starts next year.
yes ... and packing!
Our winters are so mild that I think we've no concept of what's going to hit us when we arrive at our holiday destination .. the US Nth East Coast.
Our downunder Christmases are warm to hot affairs. Traditional turkeys and Christmas hams with seafood galore topped with BBQs done by BBQ 'chefs' dressed in shorts and thongs and beers in hand. An orgy of food, drink and great weather to welcome the new year!

I'm not sure if we'll ever be prepared for this

Although this last photo looks promising.............

Knitty City, Here I COME!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

RED she said

DD loves red. Never got to spin that red roving I gave to Celia but she had wanted something out of it - beanie, scarf, anything.
I need to get going on knitting these for our impending holiday. Then I saw "Fetching" at I'm not a fan of fingerless gloves as black ones always remind me of Fagin and dirty sooty hands. Why not "Fetching" in red? :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

"My Knitted Nightie"

There pics were for Auntie SK of me in my knitted nightie.

I think I need a much more modest neckline. The stripes don't do anything for my figure at all!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

John Mayer - A Great Concert!

This young man is so talented!
Here's a grab from Youtube - John Mayer: In Repair
and DS wishes he could play like this - Gravity
We had a fantastic nite watching him jam and enjoyed his insightful, cheeky comments.

More links here - Sydney Enmore Th on Tim Tams- 3/11/2006
and at

Check out the song "Belief"
(excerpt lyrics below - from JM's "Continuum" CD)

"....belief is a beautiful armor
and makes for the heaviest sword
like punching underwater
you never can hit who you're trying for
some need the exhibition
and some have to know they tried
it's the chemical weapon
for the war that's raging on inside
oh, everyone believes
from emptiness to everything
oh, everyone believes
and no one's going quietly

we're never gonna win the world
we're never gonna stop the war
we're never gonna beat this
if belief is what we're fighting for

...what puts a hundred thousand children in the sand?
belief can, belief can
what puts a folded flag inside his mother's hand?
belief can, belief can"

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Comfort Knitting

I guess it takes a freight train to slow me slow down. It's been a while since my last post. These weeks were filled with mostly events to do with our younglings - both starting new schools next year. Info nites, assessment tests, orientation days.
Bear with me while it unravels as I'm typing along here...
DS - 3 Athletic meets culminating with a 3rd place in the 400m. He thinks the 400m might be his event now but he loves cross country as well. Decisions, decisions as he's been recommended by his current teachers to join a proper Athletics club. I'm glad he's fit, skinny as a beanpole and eating us out of house and home.
His new school's info nite is this Wednesday and it will be another mad day for me, rushing from the school to John Mayer's 'Continuum' concert. We missed his 'Heavier Things' concert 2 years ago and so looking forward to this sold out session here in Melbourne.

DD - I feel for her. I've forgotten how clique-y and bitchy young girls can be. Brand new school, she knows no one there but she's excited about it. It's a great school and I hope it gives her that extra lift that she needs. She's showing that she might be a runner too. Absolutely no practice and she was placed 3rd in our zone athletics meet as well. Look out, DS bwahahaha! In the meantime, she cruises along seemingly unfazed.

DH - much of the same old at work. Just finished his 1st year end in the new position and like me, looking forward to a break when the holidays come around at the end the year. Took some weeks off weekend tennis so I could go do this little course.

Me? ah yes the freight train. In addition to being a mad mum, I'm enjoying this CAE short course "Design a Fashion Collection". So totally not what I expected but it's great change from my day to day blur. It's been 3 weeks and now we get to pick a theme to base our designs on...yes! I was thinking of "Medieval Disco" at first but I'm leaning towards "Genghiz Khan goes to Studio 54".
Freight Train? oh yes...that. Medical R&R - just 2 days and all I could really think about was what I'd be taking to knit with me and perhaps posting more blog entries.
Typical knitter.
Comfort knitting....even if I get to knit only one row and it may not even end up as a finished piece of work, it IS comforting. My latest inventions are 1 skeins projects that require short attention spans. I've also discovered since I started knitting extra bulky yarn how I love love LOVE knitting laceweight. I don't mind bulky. It has suited me to a T for what I can cope with now but laceweight is where my heart is. Here's a pic of my mess... :)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Possessed by a beading frenzy

DH said "You're going to wreck it"....

My new Marc Jacobs jeans had to be taken up and looking at it's custom frayed hem, I wasn't willing to cut and hem it. I didn't even have time to ponder. My alter ego consumed me and off I went.... with DH looking over my shoulder singing..."You are surely going to wreck your pair of designer jeeeeaaaannnsss"

So here it is...cuffed and beaded. I drew the pattern while watching TV and finished it with beads from my goodie box of BEADS over 3 nites. Yes no knitting! Utterly consumed by beading after knitting monogamously.
I quite like it and DH is still teasing me.
Now I can go back to knitting quietly.......

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Third time lucky....

The rogue sleeve...frogged twice...aarrghhh.
My fault. I lost track of where I was even with the row/stitch markers and a notebook. Hopefully it'll work out 3rd time lucky!
Just hope it's not going to be too small for DD when it's finished.
And yes, it's official... She's now taller than Mum at the tender age of 11 and a half years. Out of my spring cleaning, she has also inherited my flattering dance pants coz I'm too...uhm wide for them already :). She also has Mum's jeans from her Uni days - all torn and trendily worn at the right places.
I'm also wearing her sandals coz they're too small for her....sigh!
Except for some essentials, we're holding on as much as we can so we can do some more serious shopping at the US outlets if our intended trip works out....woo hoo!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Still Here!

WOW! Time sure has flown!
It has been an eventful 7 (?) weeks spurred on by changes, visitors and ....spring cleaning!
Yes, I started early this year. Was going thru DD and DS's wardrobe, taking out all the clothes that are too short, small etc and got overzealous. Started getting in to my own clothes and had pretty good time chucking things out.
And of course, VANITY took over. Not usually a follower of fashion, I decided that I needed to look my age and yet stylish....hmmm, pretty difficult considering that the retail market is still overflowing with casual, teen to late 20s garb.
Then I did something out of character (for me at least!). Had heard about the personal shoppers/image consultants at dept stores and decided I'd get an appointment with one.
80 minutes later, I emerged ... with a lighter wallet and face glowing with excitement like when I've been very very naughty. I did WARN DH before going!
Bought 4 items (Marc Jacobs, Morrisey and Table Eight) and I must say, I feel better wearing things that actually fit me! Went round to show my GF the items I had purchased a few days later and all of them were gone!
Which makes me think that whatever stock that goes into sales must not be good. I'm so over sales binges now.

The experience?
The personal shopper I had was excellent! She took in what I liked/disliked, my budget and gave me pointers etc and most importantly, an honest opinion. What I liked about it also was that there was no extra charge for her time and I wasn't obliged to buy anything:). Tried over 30 items and she picked some things that I would have never thought could look good on me or looked like nothing on the hangers.
She deserves 5 stars for excellent service!

Will post more about what's been happening!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Knittin' and spinnin'

Progress so far on my DD's tween top. Have stopped the main body to work on a sleeve to match up the armhole. DD's scarf has progressed nicely as well.
Have been a good girl this time and not strayed from this project (one wip woman) but I'm finding it hard - hands are itchin' to do something else so I'm back to some basic spinning to keep my mind off another knitting wip.
Am only a beginner and definitely needing more practise in drafting evenly. My very first bobbin!
I must say I've got some ideas for at least 2 patterns for the warmer weather though...
just need to finish this top before I start the next.

In the meantime, there are babies everywhere! Friends and acquaintances with new babies and impending births. Not to mention toddlers...

My big scaredy cat here is beginning to understand that getting in the car does not always mean it's time to go to the vet. We've only been in the car umpteen times!
He doesn't look like he's quite convinced ......

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's been a long week already and I'd rather be knitting...

right here...

A girl can dream, can't she?

boy, do I need a break.....

knitting my latest wip, enjoying gyros, mousaka, stuffed zucchini flowers, saganaki, calamari, charcoal grilled octopus, dolmades, lots of dips! and ouzo and fine wine........

Sigh......Now I have to go and get dinner started... :(

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

DD's scarf

Here's DD first ever scarf....
I must admit that it's going along quite nicely. She does occasionally gain or lose a stitch which can be easily fixed. Homespun is quite a forgiving yarn for her as a beginner. You can't see mistakes :) ! She keeps asking how many rows she knitted and how many more she needs. She's averaging 6 to 10 rows a day while watching TV at nite and is impatient to have it finished before school starts!

Here's a pic of some lovely yarn I bought from Celia earlier this year. Did swatches ages ago and was toying around with ideas for tops as I think they're too beautiful for socks! There are some scrawls and sketches in my notebook that I'm trying to make out now.... (what was I thinking???!!!). They're both fingering weight and I'm thinking of combining the 2 for a lacy exercise....
or should I do lacy socks??

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Early Spring Cleaning...

Did some spring cleaning here at the blog this morning.
Have removed a few entries. My initial intention was to have a knitting diary and a portfolio of my original work 'published' here. However, have decided to remove some of the items due to copyright and publication issues should some of these have some commercial prospects.
Which leaves me in a quandary...
What can I post now?
Was going to say that I haven't knitted a published pattern for many years now. One exception at the start of this year was socks. Had not knitted one before. Otherwise, most projects have been inspired by need or pure passionate knitting fun. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, DD's jumper is progressing nicely and I'm considering giving it some shape as I'm at the waistline level. Hoepefully, DD won't protest ;)!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Congratulations, Celia!

and make that a Triple!
Celia ( has 2 patterns in this issue of Yarn magazine!
You go girl! Not to mention lovely news about the pitter patter of little feet for her and hubby!


As for the knitting front, I'm trying to consolidate my patterns and start submitting some of them to magazines or like publications. Have never done this before! Finding it a bit daunting and am looking forward to any feedback that I hope to get. If things go to plan, I'll be cleaning up some of my old posts on patterns that may have some commercial possibility. I must thank Clara at the Knitters Review for her incredible timing on this. Her post and comms added some assurance that I needed at the time to get it all going.

Currently on the needles is a jumper for DD -
A straight stk stitch would have been an easy knit for this especially with the colour but I'm trying to see if cables might add to the overall texture and feel of the garment. It's had a bit of inevitable frogging (made a boo boo on the initial calcs!) but I think at least I've settled down on getting what I can visualise at this stage.
DD is at the age where the colour Pink won't do...nup not Purple either.... it's gotta be a certain shade of Red...and she finally settled on the blue!
She's also knitting her very first scarf in this yarn!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

"Zhang Zhuek" - May Festival

Haven't made these for years and we thought it'd be great to let the kids have a go. The Rice Dumpling Festival was on Wednesday 31/5/2006 and DD and DS had fun trying to shape these triangular pyramids (as DS calls them) and securing them without the contents spilling out!
Not knowing much about why we go to so much trouble to make and eat this, I found this link on the web Ingredients and shapes differ with each dialect but all so yummy!
The whole process takes a whole 24hrs and this depends how many one makes. We thought we'd make about 60 but in the end, we managed to double it!
All consumed within 24hrs as well!
The kids wld like to do this again and we probably will in a few weeks!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

My Bonsai Dream...OT knitting

A break from posting knitting updates....
What you are looking at a Bonsai attempt of a Zelkova Serrata in a broom style.
Ah yes, these things never turn out like the nice photographs in the Bonsai coffee table books...sigh!

Was talking to a old classmate (KW - a renewed acquaintance after 30 years) and we are both fledging bonsai amateurs. Or at least I am!
Having been fascinated and inspired by pics like the one below, I just had to try it... ..

Just look at the real thing! Isn't it beautiful?

Admittedly, my Zelkova Serrata is only in it's second winter after the 'broom cut' so I do have a long way to go with establishing its branch network. In total, it is only ten years old.
I do have another Zelkova in training just in case I lose this one (heaven forbid!)
and these are my other babies (maples and liquid amber) - only about 3 yrs old?

I may try a minature azalea or camelia this spring again if I see any promising stock. I have not had much luck with the flowering kind and lost quite a few general BITs (bonsai-in-training) to our scorching summer days.
Now back to knitting!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Mother's Day gift...

My DGD surprised me with an early Mother's Day gift and it's funny how coincidences happen! She gave a beautiful Clematis (which is still in bloom after 1 week!) Such long lasting flowers! She hadn't known that the LaBoheme yarn that I was experimenting with was called Clematis.
I tried to drape the finished stole beside it's namesake for a pic but one must admit, these flowers are just amazing!

I'm hoping it's not to late to repot it close to our wisteria as it is getting quite cool now and there won't be much warmth left in the ground.
Have to check if it's deciduous! Don't know much about it.

Friday, April 07, 2006

What to knit for teenagers nowadays?

Our weather is getting colder and we have had 2 weeks of winter-ish rain and temperatures. Now that the socks are finished and the possibility of more Oscars and Carolines to be made,
have been looking to knit something for DS and DD who are now fashion conscious teenagers. I'd like to make something practical for washing without looking too fuddy-duddy. Have been thinking of designs with a bit of 'tude that won't end up at
(I think I have a simple slim fit cable sweater in mind for DS.)
Even our dog needs a new jumper!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

How Many Knitting Needles, Crafts and WIPs do you have?

Time has flown!
Have been digging out all my known stash points...yes, only known coz I'm sure I have some places I've forgotten about...
I'm a Clutterbug.. no doubt about that, yes! And an undeniable craft junkie.
Managed to find
1) 1 unfinished cross- stitch project (abandoned when long sightedness set in).
2) Ribbon embroidery books and kits (and remembered that I was also fascinated with stumpwork too but thankfully no stumpwork kits...phew!)
3) 1 unfinished candle wicking cushion and a book of candle winking patterns.
4) loads of cross stitch kits
5) Beads - lots and lots of beads!
6) have to add my newly acquired craft - jewelry findings and making kit
7) Crochet cotton and books
8) Tatting shuttles and books
9) plus 3 knitting WIPs
10) 3 knitting patterns in design stage.
11) Lots of novelty buttons for knitting projects.
12) 1 beaded tassle making kit
13) 2 stashes of roving and linen flax (and 1 spinning wheel!)

Amidst all this, did a count of my needles...Not as bad as I thought, although have found 8 pairs of 3.25mm, 6 pairs of 2.75mm, 5 pairs of 3.75mm and another 5 of 4mm.....hmmmm, sure don't remember buying that many! 53 pairs in total - not counting DPNs.

Have sorted out stuff to donate to the local op shop/Diabetes Foundation and I should be able to rope DD into doing the cross stitch and beading projects with me. Nothing really worth ebaying unfortunately.

After this 'spring' cleaning session, I'd like to put it out there to my fellow knitters/bloggers:-
Sahara, Cindy, Ruth, Celia, Franklin and anyone who pops in for a read
How Many
1) Knitting Needles
2 Crafts
3) WIPs do you have?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Woes of a Blog Reader...

a quick post here to say I've been busy reading reading all my fav bloggers and winding up not posting on mine! Ah, typical!
Hope to catch with some photos of a finished LB Magic Stripes Bright Spring Pattern sock, a WIP toe up sock with Regatta and ( I've finally decided on the name Oscar!) putting Oscar together!

I've had some bad news too - Caroline is missing! Posted her on 1st of Feb to Houston and she has well and truly gone AWOL.
So whoever you are out there, you just nicked my gift to my niece! Shame on you...
Anyone know a good knitter's curse?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ooops! Tagged again!

Popped in to update the blog... have finished my first Lion Brand Magic Stripes socks in Bright Spring pattern. Had adjusted the sock pattern to fit my mum's feet and now I have enough leftover for at least one more sock! maybe another pair of socks with solid colour for the feet?
I decided to look up a toe up sock pattern on the web and found a fantastic one at Wise Needle. Working up to the heel using the Lion Brand Regatta now. This colorway is much more pleasant although the yarn feels thinner than BSP.
I was just catching up with reading all my fav blogs and I saw I've just been tagged!
(Hi Cindy! :))
5 things in my refrigerator...hmmmm...
1) Milk - a definite must. With 2 teens, we chug down 10 litres per week. And we always love our freshly grounded coffee (Vanilla blended with Colombian.....beautiful aroma!) after dinner.
2) Butter - I really dread the day when I have to adhere to a strict diet for medical reasons.
Just can't give up my basics like beautiful golden butter!
3) Choy Sum and Egg Noodles - I keep this handy for whenever we've feeling a bit stumped for dinner options. Instead of soup noodles, I make a lovely dry noodle sauce (no, not just soy sauce) and with a 10 min walk down to the local Chinese BBQ shop for char siu or siu yoke or soy sauce chicken or roast duck, this makes such a great alternative.
4) Golden Delicious Apples - always handy to have as a snack
5) Been outvoted here - DS and DD says Ice Cream! (for obvious reasons!)
let's tag..... Trish, Celia and Ruth!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Lion Brand Magic Stripes socks......

progress on my first pair of socks ... it isn't going too badly and I kinda like the fact that it's a nice small project that I can lug around quite discreetly.
Had to frog the first go as it was shaping up far too wide. Decreased the number of stitches recommended at the start from 56 to 44 and sorta 'winged' it as the sock grew.
I must say that I'm dying to try a toe up sock now as I know I will have yarn leftover when I finish this - it will annoy me like crazy. May use it as a trim for something....or hmmmm .... a premmie hat....

Friday, February 03, 2006


Found one more beaded project I completed. However, this photo has come out really dark. Mobie is knitted in a Rowan Chenille dark grape (the extra ball went into making Mimi) and has taught me one other thing... there aren't nice beads made especially for knitting that you can string without stress!
I was determined to string the beautiful clear crystals, black and golds I had. I had envisioned an evening top with a beaded border of scrolls..... hence Mobie was born.
Why the name Mobie? The scrolls I had graphed looked fantastic on paper but looked like a row of whales knitted up!!
Still quite nice as evening wear for a summer nite - the chenille is nice and soft on bare skin.
(wasn't anticipating my WIPs catching up with blog posting.... need to hurry this along to get to my current projects...!)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Tagged! by Gobbledeygook

I thought too hard about these. I could have warbled on and on for some of these categories...Here goes....!

Four jobs you've had in your life:
1. Auditor for Hong Leong Finance
2. Accountant (treasury)for Hong Leong Finance
3. Accountant (financial markets) for National Australia Bank.
4. Accountant for a private investment company.

*Four movies you could watch over and over: (far too few! will try and categorise)
1. Good Comedies
2. Indiana Jones trilogy
3. Indie movies
4. Most thrillers
5. Most animated movies such as Aladdin, Bug's Life and Ice Age.
...some honorable mentions of the spooky/gory kind (genre generally avoided)- Jacobs Ladder, Siesta, Sixth Sense.

*Four TV shows you watch regularly: (Currently?)
1. Supernatural
2. House
3. Law and Order - Criminal Intent
4. Amazing Race

*Four places you've lived:
1. Malaysia
2. Australia

*Four places you've been on vacation:
1. Grampians and Wilsons Promontory, Australia
2. Marianna and Orlando, Florida
3. New York
4. USA West coast - San Diego to San Francisco and as far in as Grand Canyon

*Four websites you visit daily:
1. Knitter's Review (of course)!
2. all my email accounts
3. Bulldog forum
4. eBay/yahoo

*Four of my favorite foods:
Again, too narrow for a foodie like me! I enjoy food far too much to try and limit this....aaarghhh
1. Trotter's in sweet black vinegar
2. Rare to Medium rare steak
3. anything but fast food - gourmet, home made, as long as it's well prepared.
4. Every dish I have ever eaten! yum yum yum

*Four places I'd rather be right now:
1. New York (for a 6 mth holiday)
2. Wongarra, Vic, Australia.
3. Warrandyte, Vic, Australia.
4. to visit the Alps and Scandinavian countries. who could I tag?

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Back to school...

Kids start school tomorrow for 6 weeks before the Commonwealth Games. In a way, I'm a little anxious.... I'm hoping that this year will be the time I make my sea change.

I'm a reverse mum. Most women start working when their babies are going back to school. I have no insecurities about my babies and find that there is too much fuss about the need for bonding at an early age. It's funny and I can't tell you why but they KNEW I was their mum and I was theirs right from the word go. Sure, you don't get it right all the time but I always had my eye on them and yet distant as well. I'm not in the least bit maternal (not touchy-feely) if compared to my peers. In fact, some might think me harsh but we have always taught our 2 that this is our life together, so let's get on with it.
I went back to working fulltime when my babies were young. I owe all to my mum and sisters who thankfully are likeminded and helped me out then. When my babies started creche, we had them at a centre close to my work. Every morning, they would travel with mum and dad to work and they went to 'school'. This centre was only 5 mins from my place of work and near medical centres .... I could zip over in a blink if anything was wrong. I wouldn't be in my right mind anyway rushing in peak traffic if they were at a creche near home - worrying about them and fuming at the traffic!

I figured that as babies and young children, the needs of my littlelies were simple. Eat, sleep, bathe, ABCs, nursery rhymes,... Again, so thankful that they were good bubs too. Starting sleeping thru the nite around 5 to 6 weeks. I could have set a clock to DS - he was on time for just about everything.... fell asleep by himself for his bedtimes, whinged only every 4 hrs for his feed and heck, he even arrived smack on his due date. DD was almost the same except that she would pout and cry more... part of being a girl, I guess. DH and I tease her alot too..

2 years ago, I realised that I needed to make that step that I had anticipated all this time. My babies are fast becoming impressionable teenagers. We joke and talk alot about all sorts of things and I do feel I need to be there if they need help with schoolwork as it's getting harder now and a sounding board for the social situations/difficulties that they encounter. We often talk about life. I'm glad that they are willing to chat with mum... no matter how daggy or goofy they think I am!

So where does this leave me now?.... the decision to leave my highpowered (haha!) job to be fulltime chaffeur, tutor and task master....
(and hopefully fulltime designing knitwear as well! much to the dismay of DH as he knows what I'm leaving behind and it's a real tough competitive world in craft and fashion... I must have some fun!)
There is still a large part of me that wants to try juggling everything....but age and health are against me. Am constantly reminded that I'm not Supergirl but I revel being immersed in activity. Could I ever sit back and take it easy? I think not...

Not wanting this to be a non-knitting related post, here's a pic of my first attempt at a sock which I started while watching the Aust Open 2006 tennis. Small enough not to jab myself and the people sitting on either side of me, Am also glad I learned the magic loop technique for this!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mimi - Dressy Lace Bag

Mimi is done in Rowan's Chenille. Being a very dark grape color, it doesn't lend itself to be photographed very well. I was curious how a lacey knitted handbag would hold up with the minimum essentials : purse, phone, lipstick, eyeliner, etc etc.
Unfortunately not very well.
Very pretty to look at (lace design is Frost Flowers from Barb Walker's Knitting Treasury), this was made using yarn leftovers from another beaded top (to be featured next). I lined the inside with white cotton material to bring out the pattern. The bag can't take too much weight - will sag and stretch.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

A sleeveless dressy bolero pattern for DD

Knitted for DD to wear on top of the spaghetti strap flowergirl dress just in case in got a bit chilly. Again, I raided what was left of my baby wool stash - a white 8ply yarn that had multicandy colored colour blobs and a baby white wool. Alternated these 2 in the main body using wave stitch. The hem edge was knitted as well to give it a bit of interest. The white satin ribbon is not secured firmly - this is have a bit of 'give' as DD grows and if she wanted to lace it instead of a straight forward tie.
During this period, I 'flushed' out alot of my stash by selling some on ebay and donating some to the op shops. I've long come to terms with the fact that none of my family or friends knit or are as craft obsessed as I am. But it was really depressing to hear from op shops didn't want yarn because "no one knits any more"........:( wah! all alone in knitting exile!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Time out... for a bit of fun!

this is what keeps me on my toes at home - ol' Lard Butt who is 11 months old and I figure probably 80lbs by now. (Almost as heavy as my DD!)
He's not real happy about the sweater/jumper I knitted him! He definitely wasn't happy about the fairy wings I tried to put on him to make him my "bulliebee"!

Oooooooo, BITE ME!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

ok... what next??

I don't think these are in order as I press on with past projects to try and catch up with what I am working on now.

I remember looking at the fashion tops at the local shops and wondering 'hmmm, I wonder how hard it is to knit that?'.
As I can't wear wool directly on skin, I purchased some 4 ply cotton (Regal) and fancy Faux Fur to attempt this. Did have some trouble with the neckline as cotton does not have the same 'grip' as wool when it comes to ribbing. Improvised with some elastic.
It turned out very Chrismassy - sort of like a vampy Mrs Claus! (if there is such a thing!)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

hooked on beading after Carnival...

Immediately after Carnival, just had to 'bead' some more! Brought out some baby wool from the 'stash' and shopped for some glass beads in the same color - lilac and yellow.
I think I'll call this one Sherbet. Meant for DD, she has since outgrown it too ...sniff!
The hems and edges were done with alternating lilac and yellow beads and I carried thru the diamond theme on the yellow border with a smaller diamond config 2 lilac+2 yellow beads on the main lilac body.
This did get the need of more beading out of my system... well at least til the next time!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Heralding the New 2006 Year with an original called Carnival.....

Heralding the New 2006 Year with an original design .......
This is one of my first attempts that I was truly happy with. Knitted around 2000/2001, I had intended this sweater as a long sweater/jumper for my daughter and she has been able to wear it for quite some time. A bit tight for me but it could be a half sleeve length top for a size 8 adult.
Cleckheaton had started following the synthetic trend then with this line of fancy yarns and this was a particular colorway combination that I liked. The line has since discontinued which is a pity! As I was finishing the garment, I felt that it lacked something so I dug up some red wool leftovers and strung large black beads. Crocheted the hems and collar and voila! A Carmen Miranda effect! with clicking beads like castanets when you wear it! Designing and knitting this one was fun!