Saturday, July 08, 2006

Knittin' and spinnin'

Progress so far on my DD's tween top. Have stopped the main body to work on a sleeve to match up the armhole. DD's scarf has progressed nicely as well.
Have been a good girl this time and not strayed from this project (one wip woman) but I'm finding it hard - hands are itchin' to do something else so I'm back to some basic spinning to keep my mind off another knitting wip.
Am only a beginner and definitely needing more practise in drafting evenly. My very first bobbin!
I must say I've got some ideas for at least 2 patterns for the warmer weather though...
just need to finish this top before I start the next.

In the meantime, there are babies everywhere! Friends and acquaintances with new babies and impending births. Not to mention toddlers...

My big scaredy cat here is beginning to understand that getting in the car does not always mean it's time to go to the vet. We've only been in the car umpteen times!
He doesn't look like he's quite convinced ......