Sunday, December 30, 2007

So are YOU ready for 2008?

Much has happened over the last 3 weeks. We've had another cleanout of the house before Christmas on top of the usual Christmas rush. It was a great idea - we discovered things we hadn't used and could ebay or give away and took stock of what we really needed going forward...
so the BIG New Year's resolution for all is...
DH discovered that he needed new shoes for work and that he has far too many shirts!
DD and I went thru our wardrobe and trimmed it down to what we actually do wear and what we needed to top up.
DS took stock of his running shoes and resolved to push his guitar skills further.

What has happened in the last 3 weeks?
DH got 2 pairs of shoes.
For DS as a reward and incentive for having completed 2 music grades in classical guitar) this year and to do more next year - his Christmas present was a basic Fender strat pack.
DD just wanted and needed new casual shoes instead of living out her sneakers. She got a pair of Converse C Taylor's and Keds casuals. Oh she did get her Twilight themed T-shirt. Designed it and did it with iron transfers.
As for myself, I finally manage to bring myself to throw out my fav but pretty worn pieces of clothing and updated my look with a few items.

So are WE ready for 2008? :) perhaps...
Are You?

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Been having a spat of sleepless nites where I'd wake up after about 2 hours shut eye.
I used to have more of this while I was still working but I chalked it up to just worrying about work and juggling it all.
I'm trying to 'go with the flow' with these spells and not get too stressed about them.
Perhaps I'm eager with the clean up that I'm doing ahead of ushering in the new year? Nervous Energy...I sure hope so!