Wednesday, February 14, 2007

27th December 2006 - Top of the Rock

We've been watching the weather reports for clear or rainy days to plot what to do next. And the 27th was supposed to be a clear day which meant it was great to go to the Top of the Rock - the top of the Rockefeller Centre. We took the local advice and avoided going up Empire State Building as the queues are always long. The Rock took us 15 mins at best. It was freezing up there but we has the best views of New York and of course, Empire State building herself!
We experienced the only snowflakes up there in all of our entire trip. It was either raining or terribly muggy - it was the warmest Dec for NYC for 80 odd years with temps 15F above normal. It was averaging 50 to 60F everyday. We didn't get to see any snow (although the West Coast and especially Denver got a huge continuous dumping). With the freezing air, we all had a few snowflakes land in our hair. No White Christmas but it made us happy!
We took so many pics but I'll only post 2 :)

Later that afternoon, we went to NYRRC on the east side near Guggenheim to register DS for the Emerald Nuts New Years Eve 2006 Midnite Run. DS was excited to join the event and it would get us out of Times Square that nite. News reports were already estimating a turnout of at least 1 million people anticipated there!
Later that nite we met up again with our grand aunt and cousins. This time we headed off to Flushing for Steamboat! or as it's known here, Minni's Shabu Shabu. Inexpensive and the variety fantastic, the place had a queue going out the door. It is advisable to try and make it here btwn 5.30 to 6pm to get a table. I was tempted to order the exotic items on the menu but decided agst it as DH's lot appeared to be a little on the conservative side. Love the condiments and quantity of food!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Boxing Day 2006 - Buy Buy Buy!

Are you kidding? Miss the post Christmas sales here in New York? No way!
We caught the 8.15am bus and came back on the 6.45pm one.
Here are the troops still shopping after 5 hours flat at Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets. Girls' efforts paled in comparison to the guys who went berserk at Timberland, Aldo, Van Heusen, Reebok.......
That cart was so full!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Christmas Day 2006

Our 40-odd hours of travel to New York finally caught up with us. The troops found it hard to get up this morning but we managed to have brunch @ Sapporo ( and got to the midday Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes at Radio City.

Later that nite we met up with our grand aunt from Chinatown and cousins galore from Flushing. Went to Danny Ng's in Chinatown for a great dinner that nite.

Catching up on pics...

Pics as follows -
1)This is Saks on Fifth ave

2) Rockefeller Centre skating rink

3) St Patricks Catherdral

4) The BIG keyboard players.

5) Serendipity.
It was 4pm and we were told there's usually a waiting line to go in. We could see it was still busy inside!