Thursday, August 24, 2006

Still Here!

WOW! Time sure has flown!
It has been an eventful 7 (?) weeks spurred on by changes, visitors and ....spring cleaning!
Yes, I started early this year. Was going thru DD and DS's wardrobe, taking out all the clothes that are too short, small etc and got overzealous. Started getting in to my own clothes and had pretty good time chucking things out.
And of course, VANITY took over. Not usually a follower of fashion, I decided that I needed to look my age and yet stylish....hmmm, pretty difficult considering that the retail market is still overflowing with casual, teen to late 20s garb.
Then I did something out of character (for me at least!). Had heard about the personal shoppers/image consultants at dept stores and decided I'd get an appointment with one.
80 minutes later, I emerged ... with a lighter wallet and face glowing with excitement like when I've been very very naughty. I did WARN DH before going!
Bought 4 items (Marc Jacobs, Morrisey and Table Eight) and I must say, I feel better wearing things that actually fit me! Went round to show my GF the items I had purchased a few days later and all of them were gone!
Which makes me think that whatever stock that goes into sales must not be good. I'm so over sales binges now.

The experience?
The personal shopper I had was excellent! She took in what I liked/disliked, my budget and gave me pointers etc and most importantly, an honest opinion. What I liked about it also was that there was no extra charge for her time and I wasn't obliged to buy anything:). Tried over 30 items and she picked some things that I would have never thought could look good on me or looked like nothing on the hangers.
She deserves 5 stars for excellent service!

Will post more about what's been happening!