Thursday, February 23, 2006

Woes of a Blog Reader...

a quick post here to say I've been busy reading reading all my fav bloggers and winding up not posting on mine! Ah, typical!
Hope to catch with some photos of a finished LB Magic Stripes Bright Spring Pattern sock, a WIP toe up sock with Regatta and ( I've finally decided on the name Oscar!) putting Oscar together!

I've had some bad news too - Caroline is missing! Posted her on 1st of Feb to Houston and she has well and truly gone AWOL.
So whoever you are out there, you just nicked my gift to my niece! Shame on you...
Anyone know a good knitter's curse?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ooops! Tagged again!

Popped in to update the blog... have finished my first Lion Brand Magic Stripes socks in Bright Spring pattern. Had adjusted the sock pattern to fit my mum's feet and now I have enough leftover for at least one more sock! maybe another pair of socks with solid colour for the feet?
I decided to look up a toe up sock pattern on the web and found a fantastic one at Wise Needle. Working up to the heel using the Lion Brand Regatta now. This colorway is much more pleasant although the yarn feels thinner than BSP.
I was just catching up with reading all my fav blogs and I saw I've just been tagged!
(Hi Cindy! :))
5 things in my refrigerator...hmmmm...
1) Milk - a definite must. With 2 teens, we chug down 10 litres per week. And we always love our freshly grounded coffee (Vanilla blended with Colombian.....beautiful aroma!) after dinner.
2) Butter - I really dread the day when I have to adhere to a strict diet for medical reasons.
Just can't give up my basics like beautiful golden butter!
3) Choy Sum and Egg Noodles - I keep this handy for whenever we've feeling a bit stumped for dinner options. Instead of soup noodles, I make a lovely dry noodle sauce (no, not just soy sauce) and with a 10 min walk down to the local Chinese BBQ shop for char siu or siu yoke or soy sauce chicken or roast duck, this makes such a great alternative.
4) Golden Delicious Apples - always handy to have as a snack
5) Been outvoted here - DS and DD says Ice Cream! (for obvious reasons!)
let's tag..... Trish, Celia and Ruth!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Lion Brand Magic Stripes socks......

progress on my first pair of socks ... it isn't going too badly and I kinda like the fact that it's a nice small project that I can lug around quite discreetly.
Had to frog the first go as it was shaping up far too wide. Decreased the number of stitches recommended at the start from 56 to 44 and sorta 'winged' it as the sock grew.
I must say that I'm dying to try a toe up sock now as I know I will have yarn leftover when I finish this - it will annoy me like crazy. May use it as a trim for something....or hmmmm .... a premmie hat....

Friday, February 03, 2006


Found one more beaded project I completed. However, this photo has come out really dark. Mobie is knitted in a Rowan Chenille dark grape (the extra ball went into making Mimi) and has taught me one other thing... there aren't nice beads made especially for knitting that you can string without stress!
I was determined to string the beautiful clear crystals, black and golds I had. I had envisioned an evening top with a beaded border of scrolls..... hence Mobie was born.
Why the name Mobie? The scrolls I had graphed looked fantastic on paper but looked like a row of whales knitted up!!
Still quite nice as evening wear for a summer nite - the chenille is nice and soft on bare skin.
(wasn't anticipating my WIPs catching up with blog posting.... need to hurry this along to get to my current projects...!)