Saturday, August 25, 2007


We have had great weather this last week - temps 18C to 20C during the day and as you can see, spring has sprung!
Over the last 18 months, I haven't been as diligent as I would have wanted in the garden. So with this great weather, I've been weeding and feeding! I try to do as much as I can in the morning and in the afternoon, knitting in front of the TV catching up on my DVDs.


One of the hazards of weeding is that I always get startled by a fat juicy earthworm popping out of the ground.
I know they're great for the garden but I HATE earthworms!

Ahhhhh .... the joys of having a fat companion dog.
Doggie Notes for when your owner is gardening:
1) Fight for space to park your butt in tight garden spots when she's weeding. No, don't sit somewhere else like opposite her. Make sure you sit beside her or on her toes.
2) Any tight spot is also a great place to stretch and sun yourself right on top of where the weeding is being done.
3) Be sure to get real friendly when you're in a tight spot like sniff and snort really close to your mummy's face.
4) and when she's bending down picking up weeds, leaves etc , remember to go around and make her stuck in an unladylike position.
5) and don't forget to FART like there's no tomorrow.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

When you lose track of your WIPS

This is what I unearthed during my spring cleaning. 2 knit WIPs were totally mindless knitting ventures where I just needed something to do with my hands. The other knit WIPs were abandoned/forgotten when I had little gifts to finish and just completely lost momentum to finish them.
Note the silk ribbon embroidery material at the bottom. I'm all read up, researched and ready to go...!
This pic does not included STASH - yarn purchases from the US, from Celia and at least a few years back, kool aid and other dyes, bead stash, embroidery cotton stash, fine crochet cotton, cloth for dress making and various projects and at least 10 cross stitch unopened kits for myself and DD.
I think I'd better finish some some of these WIPS quickly....

Thursday, August 02, 2007


After 4 months! I've finished going thru the house with finetooth comb!
I admit that I wasn't as ruthless as I wanted to be with my WIPS and stash (will take a scary photo of this weekend) but it's all done. I have some oddbits to put on ebay. Tomorrow the last preloved clothing gets picked up and this weekend we move the hard rubbish out to the nature strip for council pickup.
Next week, we'll get that 8kg front loader washing machine and for me, some fashion mags to bring me up to date (no fashion faux pas at my age). Let's go shopping!