Saturday, June 30, 2007

18th Jan 2007 - Last Day: Walking around Grauman's Chinese and Kodak Theatres

We walked around our neighbourhood on our last day as our flight home was that nite itself. Window shopped at the stores within the Kodak Theatre complex.

The Hollywood sign from the back of the Kodak Theatre overlooking traffic on N.Highland Avenue.

Traffic on Hollywood Blvd.

The El Capitan cinema across the road.

The Chinese Grauman's Theatre - getting ready for the "Smokin' Aces" red carpet premiere. You cldn't walk on that side of the road so we took our photos from across while we were shopping for souvenirs. All the souvenir shops here are even more cheesy than the New York. The only thing that we even considered buying was a "Vote for Pedro" Tshirt that DS wanted. Didn't get it though - was pricey.
Pity we cldn't stay to watch the "Smokin' Aces" red carpet proceedings for that evening.
We left Orchid Suites by 4pm for LAX (Super Shuttle) and as our driver took us thru the main city freeways for more pickups, we saw the LA evening rush hour traffic at its peak. Took us abt 2 hrs to get to LAX.
I got wheelchair assistance again and we had dinner at the airport. Enjoyed free internet wifi at the departure gate.
A very long trip.
Sad to leave but we were glad to go home... at last!

Friday, June 29, 2007

17th Jan 2007 - Santa Monica Pier and WildFiber

We chose to take the local public transport to Santa Monica Pier (subway and express bus) and if anyone else wants to attempt this, it takes almost 2 hrs each way Hollywood-Santa Monica.
Luckily we were not in a rush to cram a lot in.

Lunch at Bubba Gump. A buzz for DH as he loves "Forrest Gump".
To order, you flick the sign at your table to Stop Forrest Stop. When all is delivered, they flick it back to Run Forrest Run.

Here we are late afternoon at Wildfiber. Quite a large LYS - has a wide variety and lots of Rowan yarn from the UK.
Again, prices are a little more than NYC. Lots of bags and knitting accessories too.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

16th of Jan - Hollywood and Beverly Hills

Pics from our Movie Star Homes, Hollywood and Beverly Hills tour in the morning.

In our van looking at the Magic Castle Hotel

Los Angeles Skyline

Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood sign taken fro Mulholland Drive

The Viper Room on Sunset Blvd

The Whisky A Go Go Club.

The Luxury Car dealer on Sunset Blvd that Halle Berry crashed into....

The Hollywood mansion used in countless movies like Batman's mansion, Rush Hour etc

Rapper Bow Wow's house

This store is Great! Nothing over USD$15.00 and in the street just parallel to Rodeo Drive.

The famous Chateau Marmont - hotel to the stars.

After our visit to the Black Sheep Knittery, we had to go see a movie in Hollywood! So here we are at the IMAX Universal Studios for "Night at the Museum". Great movie on a huge screen!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Update on foot - 16th Jan 2007

Looks ghastly, doesn't it?
Still icing it and taking Advil too

Black Sheep Knittery - 16th Jan 2007

We actually went to the Black Sheep Knittery in the afternoon so the posts for the 16th aren't in order.
This is a lovely LYS and within walking distance from our Orchid Suites accommodation even with me hobbling.
I noticed that the prices here were a smidgin more than New York. There was a lovely African American gentleman knitting there and he's pretty GOOD!
I honestly can't remember if I bought anything here but it was a lovely visit!

Movie Star Homes Tour, Black Sheep Knittery and "Night at the Museum" 16th Jan 2007

Thought I was on a roll posting away until a few events cropped up!
Just this last one happened on Monday - our Stadt ducted heating unit died.
And Stadt is out of business.
Here we are at the start of winter and the forecasts are that it's going to be a cold week and hail!
Monday was a public holiday for us (Queen's birthday).
Called 2 heating companies on Tues and the installation wait is 1 week. noooo! Finally got one company to install a brand new Bonaire Vulcan and it comes with programming gizmoes. We've been so outdated with our old unit - hadn't realised these heating units have come along way!
Chose a "green" unit with 5 star efficiency rating and zoning capabilities to cut down unnecessary heating and gas usage.
It'll be interesting to see if our gas bills are less this winter.
Ok back to our trip... almost there at the end of it already.....

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Warner Bros Studio Tour - 'Friends' and Farmers Market 15th Jan 2007

We have sooooo many shots of this set as you can imagine.

Caught a taxi to Farmers Market for a late lunch. Lovely window shopping and a great way to end the day.....