Saturday, March 08, 2008

and She's Gone....

I've been thinking of what to write here.....
and it will be a little while still before I can say more.

A dear dear friend passed away on Friday.

Too soon

Memories about we goofed around thru our emails and messaging are running thru my head and how she made me laugh.

She hates attention and fuss and this would have made her furious at me.

So I'm waiting for her to come and beat the crap outta me.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ok ... I'm pushing it

Here's DD's feet in her Edward's Heart anklets. I've only started 3 rows of ribs and I don't think I'll have enough to give it a good length of ribbing to finish. I wonder if Knitmeup has some scraps?
The last of our visitors just left today. Had 3 grps - One anticipated and the other 2 were surprises.
Even though it was a nice change with the hustle and bustle, I'm doing a mini cleanup over the next 2 days that sorta got waylaid when the visitors arrived. Everything should be back to normal...hopefully!