Sunday, March 19, 2006

How Many Knitting Needles, Crafts and WIPs do you have?

Time has flown!
Have been digging out all my known stash points...yes, only known coz I'm sure I have some places I've forgotten about...
I'm a Clutterbug.. no doubt about that, yes! And an undeniable craft junkie.
Managed to find
1) 1 unfinished cross- stitch project (abandoned when long sightedness set in).
2) Ribbon embroidery books and kits (and remembered that I was also fascinated with stumpwork too but thankfully no stumpwork kits...phew!)
3) 1 unfinished candle wicking cushion and a book of candle winking patterns.
4) loads of cross stitch kits
5) Beads - lots and lots of beads!
6) have to add my newly acquired craft - jewelry findings and making kit
7) Crochet cotton and books
8) Tatting shuttles and books
9) plus 3 knitting WIPs
10) 3 knitting patterns in design stage.
11) Lots of novelty buttons for knitting projects.
12) 1 beaded tassle making kit
13) 2 stashes of roving and linen flax (and 1 spinning wheel!)

Amidst all this, did a count of my needles...Not as bad as I thought, although have found 8 pairs of 3.25mm, 6 pairs of 2.75mm, 5 pairs of 3.75mm and another 5 of 4mm.....hmmmm, sure don't remember buying that many! 53 pairs in total - not counting DPNs.

Have sorted out stuff to donate to the local op shop/Diabetes Foundation and I should be able to rope DD into doing the cross stitch and beading projects with me. Nothing really worth ebaying unfortunately.

After this 'spring' cleaning session, I'd like to put it out there to my fellow knitters/bloggers:-
Sahara, Cindy, Ruth, Celia, Franklin and anyone who pops in for a read
How Many
1) Knitting Needles
2 Crafts
3) WIPs do you have?