Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm a Compulsive Frogger

I'm a Compulsive Frogger. Finished this one sock...
Wanted a snug fit ...check!
Wanted the length...check!
But it just didn't feel right.
So I frogged it and tweaked the number of stitches and length....

Monday, April 07, 2008

Hi Trish....

I just checked the date of your last email sent and it was more than a month ago. I’ve been meaning to write but it has been very hard for me to kick start this even though I’ve had a million conversations with you in my head. Yes I’ve been ‘talking’ to myself again…bwahahaha!
I’d ask you what you’ve been knitting and what you have cooking for dinner. I think you had just started Bob’s gansey and found more pretty inexpensive stitch markers. You know me, I’d use just about anything for a stitch maker and thanks for the offer. I have stitch makers that I take out and admire how lovely they look in the sunlight and stash them away again carefully ☺. These ones you found are lovely and I wouldn’t have thought of using those jewellery findings. You’re always so innovative!
Thanks so much for finishing that hat for me too and sending me pics. Your finish is impeccable as usual! It’s no wonder you’ve got so many fav comments for your work at Ravelry.
Nothing has happened much since I last wrote to you. Other than the usual knitting and running around with the kidlets, you know. Same old routine, same old blurred images racing past. It feels like time detaches and just stands still. And yet you notice the scenery changing around you. Weird!
I’m quite cheesed off at you for not finishing Bob’s gansey - being so adamant that you were feeling better. And a little angry with myself for not insisting that you get the A-O-K from the doctor’s.
When Vi sent me a message about you, I was so confused that I had switched your name and Vi’s while typing. I guess I didn’t want it to sink in then. I got as many details as I could from her and Rho too and frantically sent you a telegram. Vi and I knew you’d be really upset with us that we made such a fuss. I could picture the knuckle-dragging goon that you’d send over to beat the crap outta me.
But it doesn’t matter.
There wasn’t any other way I could get in touch with you quickly enough. I didn’t think it was a great idea to call Bob at work either. You know what crazy determined nutcases we all are. And it didn’t matter that after all this, you’d never speak to us again.
So it’s been over a month now. The scenery around me has changed – it’s a lot quieter for me on the web, the place we met over 4 years ago. I haven’t had a message or email from you with your usual loud AHAHAHAHA laughing at my silly juvenile jibes. I suppose we’ll have to postpone our plans for yarn stash spree until later, Kimosabe. It’s funny that I had so much to say to you all this time and now I can’t seem to write anything down.
I won’t say goodbye, girl. As you said, we’ll just pick up where we left off the last time.
G’nite, Gracie.
We miss you.

For Trish 1951-2008
For her quiet and yet great selfless generosity.