Sunday, October 29, 2006

Comfort Knitting

I guess it takes a freight train to slow me slow down. It's been a while since my last post. These weeks were filled with mostly events to do with our younglings - both starting new schools next year. Info nites, assessment tests, orientation days.
Bear with me while it unravels as I'm typing along here...
DS - 3 Athletic meets culminating with a 3rd place in the 400m. He thinks the 400m might be his event now but he loves cross country as well. Decisions, decisions as he's been recommended by his current teachers to join a proper Athletics club. I'm glad he's fit, skinny as a beanpole and eating us out of house and home.
His new school's info nite is this Wednesday and it will be another mad day for me, rushing from the school to John Mayer's 'Continuum' concert. We missed his 'Heavier Things' concert 2 years ago and so looking forward to this sold out session here in Melbourne.

DD - I feel for her. I've forgotten how clique-y and bitchy young girls can be. Brand new school, she knows no one there but she's excited about it. It's a great school and I hope it gives her that extra lift that she needs. She's showing that she might be a runner too. Absolutely no practice and she was placed 3rd in our zone athletics meet as well. Look out, DS bwahahaha! In the meantime, she cruises along seemingly unfazed.

DH - much of the same old at work. Just finished his 1st year end in the new position and like me, looking forward to a break when the holidays come around at the end the year. Took some weeks off weekend tennis so I could go do this little course.

Me? ah yes the freight train. In addition to being a mad mum, I'm enjoying this CAE short course "Design a Fashion Collection". So totally not what I expected but it's great change from my day to day blur. It's been 3 weeks and now we get to pick a theme to base our designs on...yes! I was thinking of "Medieval Disco" at first but I'm leaning towards "Genghiz Khan goes to Studio 54".
Freight Train? oh yes...that. Medical R&R - just 2 days and all I could really think about was what I'd be taking to knit with me and perhaps posting more blog entries.
Typical knitter.
Comfort knitting....even if I get to knit only one row and it may not even end up as a finished piece of work, it IS comforting. My latest inventions are 1 skeins projects that require short attention spans. I've also discovered since I started knitting extra bulky yarn how I love love LOVE knitting laceweight. I don't mind bulky. It has suited me to a T for what I can cope with now but laceweight is where my heart is. Here's a pic of my mess... :)