Monday, April 30, 2007

Washington DC - 10th Jan 2007

We arrived in DC just before 6pm in Chinatown. It was starting to drizzle and we managed to get a large taxi for ALL our bags.
This time we were booked into Holiday Inn Washington - Capitol
Great location especially for the kids as we were just 5 mins from the National Air and Space Museum and all other Smithsonian museums within walking distance as well the subway.
We had dinner in the hotel (and yes, kids eat free at Holiday Inn!!) and tucked in for the nite.

Here's the National Air and Space Museum - the most visited museum in the world.
It was quiet which is apparently quite unusual. The cashier at one of the souvenir shops said that it is always like the zoo :) in there. Early January is a great time to visit DC as the crowds are significantly less and before it gets too cold. We were still experiencing the warm spell we had from NYC so the weather was pleasant and thank goodness, not humid.

We spent almost a whole day there and as we walked to the National Gallery of Art (West), this magnificent view of the Capitol building.

We're not art buffs but the collection here is magnificent and we sped thru hoping to cover the east side as well.

Here's the National Air and Space Museum view from the National Gallery of Art.

We finished the day at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History - home of the Hope diamond!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Goodbye, Manhattan! 9th Jan 2007

Here's Solita on our last day. We had brunch at the diners across the road before heading off with DS and DD to Ben's Pizza.

Newspaper article on MIB II on display at the shop.

We got on the buses in Chinatown bound for DC and we took some pictures on the way out.
This is the United Nations building.

And I think this Red Loster Restaurant is on 7th? We were here for about 10mins waiting for more passengers.

Can't believe we spent this many days here and still wanting to see and experience more...
So it's goodbye, Big Apple
For now....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Purl Soho and The Point Knitting Cafe - 8th Jan 2007

Visited Purl Soho and the Point Knitting Cafe

Purl Soho is a quaint little store with gorgeous yarns - bought Alchemy's Bamboo and Manos here. Although it didn't have much space to sit, knit and relax, it had it's own buzz. We were jostling inside looking at yarns and waiting for our turn at the till.

In contrast to Purl Soho, The Point Knitting Cafe is a double store equipped with a cafe side, large tables and yarns galore. Maybe it was a Monday. The store was quiet given that it was tea time and I had expected to see some knitters there. It makes one wonder what creates the atmosphere/vibe for an LYS.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back in Solita, Ben's Pizza, Purl Soho - 8th Jan 2007

Our last full day in Manhattan, we had brunch at Joe's Shanghai in Chinatown. More soup dumplings!
Strolled to at City Hall (Law and Order steps) before it started drizzling and DS said he had to go back to the room el pronto to the loo. I had 2 LYS to cover today and I was making sure that rain was not going to make me miss out on that!
While back at Solita, DS asked if I thought the pizza place in Men in Black II - Ben's Pizza - was real.
"Probably not, it's just a movie pizza place"

Ok Mum - eat your words.....
DH accompanied me on my mission first to Purl Soho and we walked thru the lower part of Manhattan. Lotsa galleries etc when we turned to Spring and Thompson...Lo and Behold! there was BEN's PIZZA!
Had to bring DS and DS here and if we could have pizza brunch before we leave NYC.

7th Jan - straight back

Off on an early morning start from Toronto, today is really a straight thru drive all the way to NYC.
Stopped for breakfast in Niagara Falls and took more pics of the falls.... we just have too many now!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Niagara Falls and Toronto - 5th/6th January 2007

Niagara Falls - The Horseshoe (Canadian side)

2nd pic - The American side


Toronto Trams!

And the last pic is the view from the glass floor in the CN tower

Off to Niagara Falls 5th Jan 2007

First a cheeky pic on the way to the tour pickup

Pocono Mountains lunch stop

At Corning Glass Museum - this may seem out of the way but it's worth a visit. I was fascinated by it's small collection of Art Noveau/Deco items - Tiffany Lamps and Lalique Vases ooooooo!

Off Soho Suites New York 4th/5th Jan 2007

We got back to New York Chinatown around 6pm and bought some Chinese takeaway dinner as we were quite tired from the coach trip to eat out. We were booked for only one nite at Off Soho Suites. After checking in, we proceeded sleepily into our suite equipped with a full kitchenette. Off Soho Suites does look a little tired but for all you groupies out there, this must be a great find.
As we checked out the next morning and gazed at the pictures on the wall, I then realised I was looking at a signed album cover of JET.....!
There they all were... on the walls just after the reception desk.... autographed pics and covers of LOTs of bands.
This is where bands stay while performing in New York. Don't know if Jet wld still be staying here now that they've hit the big time but it was nice to know they were here before.
We didn't have time to check all the pics out as we had to go join our Niagara Falls/Toronto tour.

Friday, April 20, 2007

and more pics of Boston - 4th of Jan 2007

Outside Beacon Hill - The inauguration of Boston's first African American Mayor, Deval Patrick.

and we can't remember where this second pic is...!
Boston cruise - "The Boston Tea Party"

and of course,
"Cheers" at Quincy Market

Beautiful Boston - 4th Jan 2007

Boston -
Harvard University

and MIT

and one of Berklee School of Music's campuses

And the City Centre

And an interesting number plate!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

To Boston - 3rd Jan 2007

A 9am start from Paradise tours on Bowery after having char siu pau for a quick breakfast.
Our first stop = Yale University at New Haven. Most dignified and solemn establishment, we walked around with the guide and were told not to wander off. May have still been on their holiday break as there was hardly anyone around.
(feel like misbehavin' if no one's watchin'!)

After Yale, we were off to the Breakers Mansion in Rhode Island. This is an amazing place and well worth the guided tour. Built for the Vanderbilt family for their summer hiatus in Rhode Island, they wld only be staying here for 6 weeks at a time!

No photography allowed inside... but this gorgeous moonlit evening pic as we left the mansion....

What would a trip to Boston be without having LOBSTAH!
Dig in guys!