Thursday, May 15, 2008


It's been a while since my last post. Have been caught up in the momentum of keeping things up to date at home
but unfortunately, this poor blog was temporarily abandoned.
With a systems background and all this spring cleaning, it was probably natural for my thought processes to rattle on to the BIG PICTURE -MY LIFE: How to simplify everything.
And for a moment there, this blog was on the chopping block too.
I've ebayed most of the knitting mags and yarn that I forced myself to admit that I'll NEVER get around to knit.
In fact, the process was so liberating (not forgetting the $ that came in but admittedly more $ was spent buying those items in the first place) that I'm contemplating putting some more out there on ebay.
I've been forced to consider what I really want to do - knit? design? go back to school? go back to work? stay fluid till the kids go to uni? travel more? change my line work all together?
No easy answers here with my eyesight and health going with age......
But in the meantime, I'm still eyeing the stuff that I can get rid off in my stash......