Sunday, May 28, 2006

My Bonsai Dream...OT knitting

A break from posting knitting updates....
What you are looking at a Bonsai attempt of a Zelkova Serrata in a broom style.
Ah yes, these things never turn out like the nice photographs in the Bonsai coffee table books...sigh!

Was talking to a old classmate (KW - a renewed acquaintance after 30 years) and we are both fledging bonsai amateurs. Or at least I am!
Having been fascinated and inspired by pics like the one below, I just had to try it... ..

Just look at the real thing! Isn't it beautiful?

Admittedly, my Zelkova Serrata is only in it's second winter after the 'broom cut' so I do have a long way to go with establishing its branch network. In total, it is only ten years old.
I do have another Zelkova in training just in case I lose this one (heaven forbid!)
and these are my other babies (maples and liquid amber) - only about 3 yrs old?

I may try a minature azalea or camelia this spring again if I see any promising stock. I have not had much luck with the flowering kind and lost quite a few general BITs (bonsai-in-training) to our scorching summer days.
Now back to knitting!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Mother's Day gift...

My DGD surprised me with an early Mother's Day gift and it's funny how coincidences happen! She gave a beautiful Clematis (which is still in bloom after 1 week!) Such long lasting flowers! She hadn't known that the LaBoheme yarn that I was experimenting with was called Clematis.
I tried to drape the finished stole beside it's namesake for a pic but one must admit, these flowers are just amazing!

I'm hoping it's not to late to repot it close to our wisteria as it is getting quite cool now and there won't be much warmth left in the ground.
Have to check if it's deciduous! Don't know much about it.