Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Ravelry Test

Let's see if this will picked up by Ravelry

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Seremban Beef Noodle (Ngau Lum Fun)

A number of weeks ago while I was cooking Pho, I was overcome with the urge to attempt this recipe from my hometown.
Fond memories of having it at the stall with my dad, I was probably about 4 or 5 and the daughter of the stall owner used to give me a little dish of my own peanuts with my tiny bowl of noodles.
Went on the web to see if I could find any information and lo and behold! this noodle dish is quite famous!
For starters, most bloggers know that it's the beef noodles from Seremban and no other place does it quite the same.
Most bloggers also know the current stall on the second floor in Pasar Besar, Seremban (not the original one from my childhood).
and many thanks to Lily Ng and her entry here,
I decided to get the ingredients this weekend and go for it!
Other than having it ourselves, I sent 3 samples to my sisters nearby to see if they can give me some feedback.
I tweaked Lily's recipe by using beef brisket and veered my beef soup more towards a pho base. I'll try a different marinade for the beef brisket next time and I'm waiting to hear from my sisters!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Private stash - after cleanup

Here it is...
What's left after the cleanup - Malabrigo worsted, Fiesta Yarns La Luz, kokopelli, Rayon Boucle, Frog Tree, Lovely hand dyed yarns from Celia, Manos del Uruguay, Alchemy, Zara (?), Brown Sheep and Optim.
I haven't visited any LYS just yet for fear of breaking my abstinence.
I have so many ideas for these yarns but I need to finish my WIPs!

Lunar Eclipse Aug 28 2007

These are nothing like Zippiknits' marvelous photos
The moon is quite high and these shots are taken coming out of the total eclipse.