Saturday, September 09, 2006

Possessed by a beading frenzy

DH said "You're going to wreck it"....

My new Marc Jacobs jeans had to be taken up and looking at it's custom frayed hem, I wasn't willing to cut and hem it. I didn't even have time to ponder. My alter ego consumed me and off I went.... with DH looking over my shoulder singing..."You are surely going to wreck your pair of designer jeeeeaaaannnsss"

So here it is...cuffed and beaded. I drew the pattern while watching TV and finished it with beads from my goodie box of BEADS over 3 nites. Yes no knitting! Utterly consumed by beading after knitting monogamously.
I quite like it and DH is still teasing me.
Now I can go back to knitting quietly.......

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Third time lucky....

The rogue sleeve...frogged twice...aarrghhh.
My fault. I lost track of where I was even with the row/stitch markers and a notebook. Hopefully it'll work out 3rd time lucky!
Just hope it's not going to be too small for DD when it's finished.
And yes, it's official... She's now taller than Mum at the tender age of 11 and a half years. Out of my spring cleaning, she has also inherited my flattering dance pants coz I'm too...uhm wide for them already :). She also has Mum's jeans from her Uni days - all torn and trendily worn at the right places.
I'm also wearing her sandals coz they're too small for her....sigh!
Except for some essentials, we're holding on as much as we can so we can do some more serious shopping at the US outlets if our intended trip works out....woo hoo!