Sunday, December 25, 2005

Men's Sweater in Cotton

With the Lumberjack Sweater too warm for our winter, I decided to knit DH one in cotton and found this pattern very 'soothing' especially after having at least 20 small balls of yarn per row for the Lumberjack.
This is done in wool from an Annabelle Fox book but I 'converted' by using Rowan natural cotton. Quite a smart looking garment and thank goodness, it has got a few more wears from DH than the lumberjack!

I think this was the last garment I knitted from a pattern. Probably around 1998.
I knitted quite a few others in between each of these here- baby garments and presents. I wanted to tackle another mind boggling pattern and had taken to experimenting out of endless swatching frustration - trying to find substitute yarns for Patricia Roberts patterns.

This point marks the start of my journey into designing - quite a few hits and misses but nevertheless, all designed and made by myself.
At the very start, I never took any notes and after 2 years, I realised I couldn't remember how I 'solved knitting problems' I encountered along the way. I DO take notes now but I am a very impatient knitter - would rather knit than write - and I can't read my own writing most of the time :).
For some, what I do can be tedious. I always wish that I have more time to knit and ponder on more patterns and stitches. AND to write down my patterns more systematically and clearly!

Thursday, December 22, 2005


To all family, friends, and fellow bloggers,

Wishing you all the best for a safe 2006!

Monday, December 19, 2005

The "Love" Sweater

My first sweater for DH in 1983...ok, ok, it looks really daggy but this was the '80s - everyone had BIG hair, lycra, skinny leather ties...OMG! is that what we wore then? a whole lot skinnier too...
A men's pattern from Anny Blatt, I changed it from the original murky brown colorway and wool to 100% cotton (again the brand of the cotton escapes me.....)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

MY VK cat jumper/sweater

This is Mummy's version of the VK pattern. :)!
I can't remember what brand yarn I used for this but it wasn't Rowan.
Much softer and less scratchy. A blue tweed for the main body and bright mohair ornage for the cat.... luckily it doesn't glow in the dark!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Lumberjack Sweater

I made this for DH. Truly a labour of love (of knitting! :)). A Rowan kit I had spied at Sunspun and just HAD to have!
Found out soon enough that it was not for the fainthearted. This sweater took me 8 years to finish! DH teased me all throughout... 'where's this gorgeous sweater you're making for me?'... ' you know, you'll never finish it..'
I love fine yarn work and this was either going to nurture my love for fine yarn knitting OR kill it. Luckily, I'm still knitting!
When I had proclaimed that lo and behold, the garment was finished! , DH wore it ONCE to tell me it was too WARM. Admittedly, in my moment of knitting inspiration, I had not taken into account that our Melbourne winter wasn't cold enough.
Hence it sits, waiting in my wardrobe to be worn and loved...
maybe I can convince my son to wear it once he fits into it...hmmmm!

Monday, December 12, 2005

A Patricia Roberts gansey

This photo has come out quite dark. It's dark purple sections are wonderful cables as in trad aran work
and the arms and midriff have simple but effective color contrast work in plain stk st with beige.
Again another lovely Patricia Roberts favourite that I knitted- both son and daughter wore this in the late 90's. Had to substitute with Rowan Yarns tweed in fine ply. By this time, I did become more cluey in subsituting and was very pleased how this turned out. I think this was circa 1998?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Another VK favourite

My son and daughter both got a lot of wear out this one. I think it's from the VK 1987 Fall or Winter copies. I knitted this one in a purple tweed from Alicia Starmore's collection and used a orange flecky tweed from the Rowan DK (?) range.
This one hopefully, will be inherited by my grandkids (one day, sigh*). Sadly my kids now are as tall as me and try as I might, I don't think I'd be able to squeeze them in to this! Why do babies have to grow up?!
Will post the adult version of this next.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Something whimsical

I was taken by this when I saw it in VK many years ago and I had to knit it!
Was not as difficult as I had imagined. must say it does attract some weird looks from passerbys...!

my Patricia Roberts cardigan

Hoping that the detail on this cardigan comes out in this pictures. My fav Patricia Roberts cardigan loaded with luscious cables and bobbles knitted in her Lambswool (3 to 4ply?). Knitted this in 1988 and still looks great!
Took ages but it was worth every challenging minute! I can't remember how long it took exactly but I do remember misplacing my cable needle(s) hundreds of times.
I would say that I have to give Patricia Roberts credit for getting me this intense and passionate about knitting!
However, this wasn't the start of my knitting journey!
While at uni, I used to knit for a shop that exported to Los Angeles when Australiana handknits were all the rage. Ahh those were the days!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Have been reading so much about blogs and blogs themselves.
Decided I needed to find out more about the wide world of blog for myself!
Hi Trish!
((((HUGS))))) thanks for helping me get started!