Thursday, February 14, 2008

How to hypnotise a bulldog

This is DS's other interest other than cooking - hypnotising said white marshmallow. Hazard can stay totally relaxed for quite a few minutes.
Now if only DS could figure out how to levitate him.....

Actually when you turn the photo around, Hazard looks like an overweight trusty companion of Superboy!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My first ever Sock Club sock!

I learnt how to knit socks more than 2 years ago along with learning the Figure 8 cast on and Magic Loop techniques.
The first pair was a top down and the second pair was a toe up. I've used the Figure 8 cast on and Magic Loop technique in many of my projects but never felt the urge to knit another pair of socks.
At beginning of this year, one of our Twilight Ravelry group members started recruiting for the 1st Twilight Sock Club for a Feb 14 commencement and being such a fan-atic for the series, I was shamelessly drawn into a Twilight-inspired project.
Carol at kindly sent my package a little early to me as it had to make the trek half way across the world.
I was trying to finish reading Queen of the Damned and start re reading Twilight to coincide with knitting the socks. When the package arrived on Friday, (almost) all reading stopped! I have another wip but I couldn't contain my excitement and casted on the first sock!
and yes, I have already frogged once!
Note the color - "Thirst" and my size 0 KP classics naturally depict E for Edward :)

I have very narrow feet and even following the instructions to knock off 4 sts and use a smaller needle, it was still too wide.
So I modified and decreased by 12sts. I think I could go down another 4 without disturbing the pattern - may run into a bit of bother at the heel turning. I'm almost there now......

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Noodle making fun

About a week ago, we had a visitor from Malaysia who has been in the noodle making business for more than 60 odd years. DS was intrigued with the process - watched and helped when she had a noodle making session - that he bugged me to try. So we borrowed a pasta machine from my sis and it took us about 3 tries to get it right. Now we're thinking of getting a nice basic machine for ourselves. Hazard was watching the activity around the kitchen bench intently when he realised it was raining food! Yes - he cleaned up whatever dropped on the floor as we rolled it out.

Friday, February 08, 2008

The Lace Tree

I had to repost this pic by itself - it was most amazing and beautiful! Click on the pic to view the textures and the lovely green backdrop.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Otway Fly

Another pic heavy post - now of the Otway fly. (
First thing- I am ASKEERED of HEIGHTS! I don't get motion sickness or sea sickness and love certain rides but heights??!!
So here we are at the start of the actual engineering feat.

It's an amazing construction in a beautiful setting - taking into account the minimum contact/disturbance to the natural wildlife, fauna and flora and to be able to view all this.

My Crew went up the tower but I didn't. They went on the Cantilever as well - which is scary! It's a 24m extended walkway that you can make it shake and move a bit. I was assured that it can take the weight of 14 elephants. yes yes yes all very fine I'm sure! are you KIDDING me?

Here's me looking very 'relaxed' in a pic taken from the Cantilever. The whole structure - posts, bridges etc - they all sway a bit. It's a little like being at sea but with humongous drops all around you.

Triplet Falls

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Walking to Triplet Falls - Part 1

Lovely walk to Triplet Falls - everchanging scenery

Last photo - A glimpse of the lower falls here.

Friday, February 01, 2008

On the way home but first to Triplet Falls

It was a fine morning at Johanna but as we approached Lavers Hill on the way to Triplet Falls,
we drove through an eerie countryside.... beautiful and reminiscent of Forks!